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Ganja Juice 25mg CBD Infused Sweet Iced Tea

Ganja Juice Brand Sweet Tea is an old family recipe that will take you to the Deep South with every

Ganja Juice Brand CBD Hot Sauce 100mg Bottle

Ganja Juice helps you kick it up notch with their spice hot Cayenne Pepper Sauce with a hint of garlic.

Ganja Juice Pomegranate Quenchers 25mg CBD

Our CBD Quenchers has many therapeutical benefits that help in relieving anxiety. These quenchers are precisely dosed with just the exact amount of CBD for a relaxing day. This will give a refreshing experience that will blow your mind and lead you to a restful and calm mood. Our Quenchers are available in pomegranate, lemonade, and many more flavors. Choose your favorite CBD Quencher flavor today, and promote health and wellness.

The High Quality CBD sugarm 20 pack (5mg each packet)

The High Quality CBD Sugar packets are made from 100% natural sugar and infused with 99.6% Pure Hemp derived CBD.