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Affected CBD – Chill Pills Melatonin 50 mg 10 pill Bottle

If you have been prescribed anxiety medications or feeling tired while waking up, use CBD chill pills as its natural melatonin ingredient contains sleep care benefit. Just place the tablet below the tongue before going to bed and allow it to dissolve.  If you are sensitive to melatonin, take half of the tablet for a better result. The naturally occurring composite in CBD chill pills has the ability to relieve pain. People substantially using it for pain control, inflammation or insomnia. 5 mg of CBD per Pill 5 mg of Melatonin per Pill

Affected CBD-B12 Energy Capsules with 50 mg CBD (10 Capsules Bottle)

Get Affected with our CBD energy caps. Easy to use no bad after taste made with B-12 and CBD to

Affected-CBD B12 Energy Pills 4 Pack 20mg CBD

Presence of hemp-derived CBD helps people to stay focused. It is a great product for students, adults, and athletes who are looking for the best energy products. CBD B-12 pills continue to exceed the performance level as it makes you super alert and surprisingly calm. This caffeine mix pill does not cause any heart pulsations and shaky hands.  Taking it every day will eradicate anxiety and overstress. It is recommended for an adult to take CBD B-12 pills daily if the body absorbs it comfortably.

American Made Hemp -Instant Pain Relief Gel 250 mg

American Made Hemp Products is better simply because they are formulated to work from the ground up. We use Hemp

CBD Isolate – 1 Gram

CBD isolate contains CBD synthetic compounds in highly conventional form. It is a natural cannabinoid supplement originated from hemp. We have made in USA 100% THC free organic isolate which can be used in various ways.  You can massage it into sensitive muscles or can brew it into a post-workout smoothie. Its antioxidant attributes block the disease from escalating. There is no need to vape CBD isolate to get its benefits. It is a great therapeutic product for those who prefer to consume isolate instead of smoking higher CBD concentrations.

CBD Science PR-6: CBD Roll-On

CBD Science PR-6 Oils are specifically designed for muscle aches, joint pain, cramps, bruising soreness, sprains, muscles strains, back pain and arthritis. This non-intoxicating blend offers therapeutic benefits of cannabis without the cerebral euphoria. It contains nourishing oils such as Apricot, Sunflower, Sweet Almond & Jojoba Essential Oils, while delivered through our propriety blend of Avocado, Flaxseed and Organic Hemp Oil to deliver rapid results that absorb deep through the skin barrier. Available in Scents of White Tea & Lemon, Coconut Lime Verbena & Sore Muscle Therapy Relief. Size: 30ml (1.0 oz)

CBD Science PR-8: CBD Lotion

CBD Science PR-8 Lotions are specifically designed for muscle aches, joint pain, cramps, bruising soreness, sprains, muscles strains, back pain

CBD Science TN -12: CBD Tincture

CBD Science Tinctures: TNC-12 are administered sublingually (under the tongue) with a dropper. Made of an all natural Organic blend

CBD Stamina 3 pack capsules 15 mg total CBD- Male enhancement and Vitamine

$10.00 $9.99
CBD Stamina – The ONLY CBD Infused Male Enhancement pill on the market today! Our Specially  blended herbs and proprietary ingredients scientifically formulated with Hemp CBD to create the worlds first male enhancement pill that delivers the right amount of CBD and natural testosterone with Tribulus terrestris and a few other natural ingredients. They have just enough CBD to keep you lasting longer then ever! Single Serving Pack 3 Pills

Ganja Juice 25mg CBD Infused Sweet Iced Tea

Ganja Juice Brand Sweet Tea is an old family recipe that will take you to the Deep South with every