What is CBD? Cannabinoid that won’t get you ‘High’


Understanding CBD

104 is the exact number of chemical compounds that are found in a Marijuana plant. They come under the umbrella term Cannabinoid. CBD is one such cannabinoid. It is the primary component found in a specific variety of Cannabis sativa or hemp plant of Cannabinaceae family.


Marijuana is natural, multipurpose and therapeutic. It is non psychotic, thus relaxes you instead of giving you a ‘high’. It is not lethal and has almost negligible bad effects on the user. CBD has the potential to replace a wide spectrum of pharmaceuticals in the market. These unique qualities make it almost irresistible. Many of the benefits of this miracle drug have been discovered and much is yet to explore. Researches are inadequate to bring forth full utility of hemp but they do point at finding possible cure in near future.


Lifting the ban from a drug and suddenly giving it the much deserved status of an all-purpose medicine became the major contributing factor behind making CBD infused products so much more desirable to the public. These days medicinal as well as recreational use of Marijuana is permissible at some parameters in countries like Canada, Australia and almost 33 states of USA. This is helping people struggling with serious illnesses to find an alternative cure in a plant derived natural source. From centuries past in human history, people have used marijuana plant for its medical effectiveness. Now that it is legal, patients can be guilt free while seeking cure.

Medicinal value of weed

• It is helpful in reducing chronic pain and inflammation by acting upon the endocannabinoid receptor of the body. This helps in effectively dealing with multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and muscle spasms.
• CBD can also alter serotonin levels to regulate sleep, mood and social behaviour. This in turn alleviates anxiety related psychotic symptoms. Even severe depression and insomnia can be dealt effectively using this drug.
• Cannabis can also help children with Dravet syndrome, a complex childhood epilepsy disorder, counter Cancer and nausea, vomiting and pain due to it’s treatments.
• It’s anti biotic and anti inflammatory qualities prove its effectively in treating acne.

A drug that does not cause a ‘high’

A lot is remarkable about Cannabis. It has high medicinal value and provides relief in some of the hard to treat forms of illnesses. As spoken already it can help dealing with harsh medical treatments and their bitter side-effects. It is an umbrella medication for a wide range of diseases. And is highly recommended because of the lack any long or short term side-effects.

But these are not the primary reasons why CBD attained such high fame over any other form of medication. The best feature of Cannabidiol is that it doesn’t cause a ‘high’.

Other Cannabinoid Components

THC, another chemical compound found in the marijuana plant, is a psychotic component. THC is addictive and is taken for recreation and enjoyment. It has medicinal values too but because of its mind altering nature it can not be an effective treatment. Over consumption may create a false reality for the user leading one to see imaginary things and hear voices. This form of marijuana can have side-effects that can affect an individual’s ability to function properly in carrying out every day tasks. THC dominant weed is the most abused for of marijuana. Although not lethal it can lead to drug abuse and psychological disorders.

CBD on the contrary is not just non psychotic, it is also antipsychotic. It gives a stress-free pleasant feeling, not the Euphoria like ‘High’ and uninhibited state of mind. CBD relaxes and relieves tension. It improves sleep quality owing to it’s non psychotic nature.

Antipsychotic properties of CBD can cure neurological disorders like schizophrenia. It is a potential antidote for substance abuse there is scientific evidence that it is effective counterpart for morphine and heroine dependence.


General perception of confusing CBD with other cannabinoids has put it in bad light for years. At last trends are changing and developments and researches are taking place in this field. Still a lot is unknown to humans regarding the full potential of this drug. But humanity is taking leap of faith with the initiation of studies regarding Cannabis.

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