What are people saying about Hemp Oil?

Hemp Oil


CBD an extraction from hemp sativa plant is non psychotic in nature unlike THC which is infamous for it’s euphoria like ‘High’. Hemp oil has got more hands raised in favour than fingers pointed at it even when it is a Schedule 1 drug as per Controlled Substances Act ( CSA) norms.

CBD oil is a oleoresin with strains of hemp components, mainly, Cannabidiol (CBD), Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and some other cannabinoids. The amount of these components in hemp oil vary from label to label .


It was legal to use marijuana for 6000 years back in human history. But not after year 1933 when it was banned officially owing to lack of adequate research in this particular domain. Now new researches are coming up making the world go gaga about CBD.


Today, market is flooded with CBD infused products such as oils, creams, gels, as capsules, as a solvent in sublingual sprays, transdermal patches or vapors, flavoured tinctures etc. Even clothes made from hemp plant are available on the shelves of any other local store.


There is immense curiosity in cannabis infused products ever since latest findings approve of it as a purely natural medicine. It’s legalization in 33 states of USA and the District of Columbia is also a major contributing factor to this hype. Not just in US, medicinal use of marijuana is legal in many other countries of the world. Notably, Canada, Australia, Colombia, Germany, Norway, Greece, Italy, Peru, Chile, and also Thailand. There are other countries with restrictive legalization of CBD products.


In pop culture cannabis is is given many other names, such as, Ganja, grass, Hashish, Hemp, Indian hemp, marijuana, Pot, reefer and so on. Marijuana for medical use and also for recreational purposes are common amoung it’s users.

THC which is a mind altering psychotic drug does solve the medicinal purpose like relieving pain and anxiety but can also be responsible for addiction and other temporary side-effects. On the other hand CBD more commonly referred to as hemp has very negligible drawbacks to it. Hemp oil is purely a medicine. CBD, the main component of hemp, doesn’t induce a euphoria like state and has various beneficial properties to it. It is anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory and anti-psychotic drug derived from natures gift called hemp plant, a genus of Cannabinaceae.

Popular Reviews

• People who use pot to cure anxiety, pain and other medical issues with all natural sources are showing great  interest in CBD oil after ditching it’s conventional pharmaceutical counterparts.

• Going by the reviews of people who have tried and tested CBD in some or the other form are giving positive responses about it.

• Regular users believe taking CBD oil has shown signs of reduced depression and anxiety in them.

• Some suggest CBD can cure pain and helps with insomnia. As for one user CBD has life altering effects in just a few weeks.

• People claim it improves sleep quality hence can be a boon for patients with Parkinson disease.

• It decreases anxiety, alters mood and cures irritability for many users.

• Not just anxiety people resort to CBD oil to get over their depression.

• Some also view CBD oil as a miracle. It is beneficial for patients suffering with seizures, migraines. And it can relieve excruciating pain from treatments like chemotherapy.

• Some even say it can alleviate Cancer. Though research is underway to find if there is any truth behind this statement.

• Owing to it’s anti-inflammatory features it cures skin ailments such as acne. Hence, a good natural remedy for use in beauty products like creams and gels.

• Users of cannabis oil also highly recommend it’s use for war veterans. Weed oil is a boon in curing PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) which is a major reason for suicides in the States.

• People using CBD reviewed it as an all-purpose naturally derived medicine that can replace opiates , SSRI drugs and painkillers.

• It can work as an antidote to other drugs and can possibly be used in drug de addiction centres.

• Much is positive in the use of CBD oil. Downside to it is that excess consumption can lead to more fatigue. Also combining CBD oil with other forms of medication can increase the effect manyfolds. Which is harmful above the tolerance levels in humans as well as in animals.


There is still a lot of fuss about using hemp oil. Argument are coming from all the different directions regarding how right it is morally to use medicinal marijuana with children and adolescents. Hearing all the sides, it is clear that acceptance will come with time. Currently much research is needed for broadening the spectrum of it’s positive effects. Overall, the fact that it is not harmful and a popular choice today makes it worth the applause.

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