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Is CBD on the List of Top Superfoods of 2019 and why?

CBD oil is becoming a household name for its therapeutic effects on humans as well as animals. Tons of custom made CBD products are at hands in local stores worldwide to allure diverse customership. Now, this trending superfood is stealing the market for its diverse applicability and high value. Also because it’s organic and free from side-effects as is the case with other drugs.

Nowadays the general trend is so much in favor of CBD products that it is topping the charts of best superfoods in twenty nineteen.

What makes CBD a superfood!

Superfood by definition is edible substances or fad diets that have an abundance of nutritional and medicinal values. This is an unofficial term in reference to trending food products with a good deal of health benefits. So there are obvious reasons for which CBD products found their spot in this list.

Natural and herbal

CBD oil is a naturally occurring chemical present in the leaves and flowers of sativa plant of Cannabaceae genus. This further is grown in huge organic farms all over the states to ensure the chemical is free from any harmful pesticides. At a later stage extraction of pure CBD oil is undertaken by expert supervisors. It is full of healthy natural nutrients that helps boosting our overall fitness.
1. Herbal
2. Organic
3. Purified under experts

Non psychotic and no side-effects

It’s not a psychotic drug. Which means it does not produce the ‘high’ or intoxicating effect of other drugs like THC or heroin. So it is safe for using CBD oil with children and adolescents as it doesn’t cause addiction or a marijuana ‘high’. It is fit for use on daily basis as a dietary supplement. And it does not exhibit any side effects even after long term use. Overdosing upon CBD is not fatal or by any way harmful. Our body can adjust with its extra dose without exhibiting any signs of maladjustment. It can be given to pets. It is legal and readily available as most of the countries now permit it’s use. Sativex® is an oromucosal spray which is widely in use today for treating pains.
1. Does not produce Euphoria
2. Safe with pets and children
3. Legal
4. No side-effects

Consumable with ease

It’s incorporation is quite easy and effortless. You can directly consume the pure oil or add it to your favourite foods like shakes, smoothies, cakes or in a scoop ice cream to enjoy its goodness with taste. There are various options of buying CBD edible products in the market. For those who might not like the taste at all pills are there in the market.
1. Easily consumable.
2. Easily available
3. Lot’s of options in the market

Medicinal Uses

CBD oil can cure an array of bodily ailments. It is great remedy for severe pain like arthritis, back pain, headache, inflammation etc. CBD can be an effective alternative medication which can replace a handful of pharma medicines at any given time. Also it is highly effective method of treating mental illness ranging from anxiety and depression to more dangerous conditions like schizophrenia. Using cannabis is found potent in fighting against untreatable diseases like cancer, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy etc. And it is a remedial medication for countering side effects of harsh treatments for some major illnesses. As it can reduce the pain and nausea from Chemotherapy and can help with increasing appetite in HIV patients during their treatment.
1. Treats pains
2. Helps with dealing side-effects of cancer and AIDS treatment.
3. Prevents psychological disorders.

Improves the quality of life

It is beneficial in improving the quality of one’s life. In modern times stress, sleeplessness, soreness of muscles and joint pains are quite common issues we face every day. But regular use of CBD keeps these issues at bay and in this way improve our living.

1. Relieves stress
2. For daily use

CBD oil

How Cannabidiol Helps in Relieving Neurological Diseases

CBD is a non psychotic medicine and people often use it for physical as well as psychological therapy. Apart from helping with chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, muscle spasms, cancer and epilepsy CBD oil is of note for treating various neurological issues. On the whole CBD gets your life sorted in just matter of few weeks.

Cannabis has two poles of contrasting chemicals in it. The best example is CBD and THC , both are present in high ratios in the plants of Cannabaceae genus. Both having same molecular mass and formula are opposite in their effects. This is because CBD has a cyclic ring and THC has a hydroxyl group. Because THC is psychoactive, it can alter the functioning of mind so that the user feels a euphoria like high’. However CBD exhibits properties which do not alter the mind body coordination. It features anti psychotic and non psychotic properties which is one of the main reasons why CBD has become so famous therapy drug in recent years.

CBD as non psychotic medicine

Being non mind altering drug with lots of beneficial health effects CBD is becoming increasingly famous these days. With researchers swearing upon the medicinal effects of CBD for our well being there is a sudden craze for buying CBD products. Partly because it has no fatal side-effects and partly because of its popularity people now use it to cop with their lifestyle related health issues. CBD is a big time stress buster. It relieves tension instead of giving a ‘high’. It also influence sleep and can cure rigid insomnia. Spas often use these products in their therapeutic massages. It can treat anxiety and depression which otherwise demand four to six different allopathic medicines which are seriously damaging for brain activity. In more than one way CBD is an effective way preserve mental fitness in modern times.

CBD as antipsychotic medicine:

This functionality of CBD suggests that it can counter the psychotic episode. Psychosis is not one particular disease in its own but a number of symptoms that form Psychological disorders. These could range from simple sleep aversion to more complex forms of hallucinations or detachment from real world. These could result from situations in life which are hard to handle for our conscious mind. Trauma, substance abuse and mental health problems, even lack of sleep can trigger the psychotic episode in our lives. It does affect a large population at least 10000 people a year only in the states.

There are ground breaking revelations about CBD which are undeniable evidence that it can effectively treat and cure psychosis. It Can reset the activities in three major brain areas namely striatum, midbrain and medial temporal cortex. Patients suffering with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, social phobia and smoking cessation can gain a lot of benefits from its use.

It is gaining recommendations from users in treating Post traumatic stress disorder specially for war veterans as it does not give a high. It is also in recommendation for treating relapse in substance abuse treatment, and also widely in use as nicotine replacement therapies.

Gist of it…

The much applaudable reason for using CBD in mental healing is the fact that it is free form side-effects. As it is herbal and naturally occurring medicine it has none of the side effects of other pharmaceutical drugs in use today. Many rehabilitation services are making use of cannabis today. And is also in use by psychiatrists as a placebo for treating patients with Psychological disorders. Most people prefer to consume it orally by infusing CBD oil in gourmet items for dealing with lifestyle problems like stress and insomnia.

For treating psychological problems like schizophrenia, instant sublingual sprays are often more suitable. In case you are stuck with options, CBD from hemp plant is easily accessible as federal laws are still murky enough. It is such a worthy drug that using CBD in children is of no harm either. Researches are still presenting more and more possibilities in CBD oil. This is the reason why CBD has become so important for all of us today.

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What is CBD Oil and Should you use it! | CBDinit

What is CBD Oil ?

CBD oil or medical weed is an indigenous species of Himalayas. CBD oil is in a class by itself. It’s uniquely endowed with far reaching medicinal value. Out of the 113 known chemical compounds at hands in a Cannabaceae sativa, the most significant today is CBD or cannabidiol. Other well known compounds are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid), CBDA (cannabidiolic acid), CBN (cannabinol) etc. Most of these compounds are non psychedelic so you may never get a high from them.


The primary mind altering agent of marijuana is THC, the component behind It’s negative popularity. They have similar chemical structures, both contain 21 carbon 30 hydrogen and 2 oxygen atoms. Still both CBD and THC are basically opposite in their effects. Hemp Sativa plant has CBD dominant strains. And hence it’s cultivation is taken up for manufacturing medicinal products and also health supplements. CBD being anti psychotic drug can counteract upon harmful effects of THC as well as other drugs such as heroin. This best points out the difference between the two.

Cannabidiol is an oleoresin. It carries a mixture of hemp strains, mainly, Cannabidiol (CBD), and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and also other organic compounds. Ganja, grass, Hashish, Hemp, Indian hemp, marijuana, Pot, reefer are several other references for CBD. CO2 extraction process is costly because it uses complex machinery and high expertise. The cheaper way to obtain CBD is simple chemical extraction methods which doesn’t filter toxic residual substances namely ethanol, butane and propane etc.


It is in list of Schedule 1 drugs as per the guidelines of Controlled Substances Act ( CSA) . Tax act placed a legal prohibition to the use of marijuana during 1937 AD. in the states. But today most embargos are open to dispute or already over. This is because of the amazing benefits CBD oil has for curing human beings and animals both.

Benefits of weed oil

Doctors often suggest cannabinoids to their patients for treating diseases like epilepsy, cancer, psychological ailments, bodily pains and stomach related issues. CBD is suddenly gaining a lot of favoritism from medical practitioners for it’s therapeutic properties. It is very helpful in managing chronic pain and inflammation by influencing the endocannabinoid receptors in the body. This effectively helps in dealing with problems like multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and muscle spasms. Cannabis can cure children suffering from Dravet syndrome which is a complex childhood epilepsy disorder. Recently researchers found out that CBD can counter Cancer and provides relief from nausea, vomiting and pain due to Chemotherapy and wasting syndrome. CBD acts upon serotonin levels in our body to regulate sleep. It relieves stress by influencing mood and social behavior. It can alleviate anxiety related psychotic symptoms , depression and psychological disorders. Lastly it’s antibiotic and anti-inflammatory hence can treat pimples.

How to use Cannabidiol

There are four most common ways of incorporating CBD oil. These could be inhalation, oral, sublingual, topical and transdermal administration. So you can decide on what best suits your needs and requirements.

Oral method:

Oftentimes, people prefer to consume CBD products orally by infusing the active component with food and drinks. Today it is the most significant product selling method with food and healthcare industries. They offer such variety of CBD merchandize on the market shelves that customers can not resist from trying. While world is rushing after fitness, CBD seems to be the new hot trend. Today curiosity about CBD is multiplying fast so the demand is shooting up. There are no. Of products available for oral consumption. Pure unfiltered CBD oil can be put in any of your favorite food to make it healthy. Some mix it with smoothies and ice-creams other might bake a cake with the oil. You can buy capsules, gummies, chocolates, cakes and cookies, yogurt and drinks directly from local stores around you. Best part is, this is legal now.

External application method:

In spas CBD oil creams work their magic by provide instant relief. These creams induce muscle relaxation and improves quality of sleep. CBD containing transdermal products are in the form of lotions, creams and ointments, CBD gels, topicals, transdermal patches, lip balm, weed oils, Epsom salt face wash etc. These can relieve stress and tension both mentally and physically. Application method is therapeutic and not a medicinal cure. This produces effects by rubbing the cream or balm carrying hemp essential oils directly on to the skin which seeps in layer by layer. It cures muscle soreness, headache, cramps, muscle spasm, neck, knee, or joint pains, acne etc. from the very first application. Transdermal patches works wonders for aches.

Sublingual method:

sublingual CBD administration is the most efficient method of consuming CBD. It is slightly different from oral methods, although CBD consumption indulge mouth in both the cases. While CBD swallowed during oral consumption, sublingual was is by placing it underneath the tongue instead of letting it flow towards the digestive system. In this way the effect kicks in real time quick.
Hence this method is most suitable for relieving symptoms like anxiety, stress, or pain and insomnia. So many users prefer CBD sublingual sprays or droppers. There might be variety of sprays available still always consider proper CBD:THC ratio as your doctor suggests.

Inhalation method:

This method is still widely popular among many mainstream users. They use vaporizer, pen and bongs for vaping or smoking purposes. But vaping weed is a better option of the two because it causes no combustion. Hence lets the user enjoy the recreational activity to the core. It can provide benefits like breaking the habit of substance abuse of addictive drugs like heroin. The anti psychotic characteristic makes CBD an effective cure for combating relapse in DE addiction centers.

CBD Oil and Hemp Oil

Is CBD Oil Additive or Unsafe? | CBDinit

Owing to the amazing qualities in exposition weed is gaining many favours lately. Government houses agree to the fact that weed is an important part of medicinal science and hence it is legal now almost everywhere. Two main varieties are of weed are C. sativa and C. indica. are specially grown for purpose of using them in various health products.

Facts about weed

Religious significance: In Hinduism weed has association with lord Shiva worship and elixir. It is also called the blessed food and consumed during festivals like Shivratri and Holi. This plant is quite famous among devotees of Shiva and is used In all the religious events for the sole purpose of worship.

Significance of usability:

There are wide variety of products that employ some or the other part of marijuana plant. With conservationist outlook people often associate it with smoking a pot only. Contrary to public views It’s usage is quite wide. It’s in use as a pain reliever medication from as early as 1200 BC. Apart from its use in ointments and drugs for curing disease it has anti acne properties as well. This makes it a necessity for beauty products. It is hard to believe by many but you can wear marijuana and even build houses from it. Cannabis is diversely usable natural treasure, having a strong fibre structure textile industry use it’s stem for manufacturing ropes and clothes.

Significance for medicinal usage:

as a medication CBD has unmatchable effects on humans as well as animaIs. It can Combat Anxiety, Fight Cancer, Reduce the Risk of Diabetes, has analgesic or pain relieving and Anti-Seizure properties. There is quite a long list of health related ailments which are preventable by using CBD oil. But there are far out adverse effects of mixing allopathic treatment with CBD products. For this reason it is always wise to use CBD under professional support and supervision. In fact CBD is popular for treating some of the rare and hard to treat sort of diseases for example dravet syndrome.

Significance as antipsychotic drug:

Studies suggest that CBD can effectively treat heroine or alcohol addiction and their potential relapse. This is evident by the way of how CBD impacts our endocannabinoid system (ECS), for having anti psychotic properties. It can also treat patients with mental health issues. It is effective cure for treating schizophrenia and even bi-polar disorder. Also, it is a mood booster drug and hence is safe and natural remedy for treating depression.

Significance in everyday life :

It is famous for its relaxing properties this is the main reason why it’s the need of the hour. In modern times, we have to deal with a lot of stress. We are always in a rush. This stress accumulates and develops into depression and anxiety. Just be drinking CBD tea or coffee every day you can start your day with a very light mood. And also there are no negative sides to its regular use. It can significantly improve the quality of sleep. These reasons make it important for our daily life.

CBD: safe or not

To answer this question better we should critically judge the component of our focus.

Non psychotic

It shows no sedation related traits as shown by it’s counterpart called THC. While both components have medical benefits THC is primarily in use for recreation. CBD calms you down while THC makes you feel ‘high’. People often confuse between the two chemical components of the same plant, which is why it was put in a bad light for years. So the people who avoid using CBD solely based on their previous knowledge about marijuana should search better reasons.
Cannabis strains with relatively high CBD:THC ratios are less likely to induce anxiety than vice versa. So choosing a CBD product should be a matter of serious business. One should always make a thorough investigation before starting with CBD oils and other such products.


Our bodies are able to tolerate Cannabinoids specifically CBD even in much larger quantities. Researches deny the possibility of any severe negative effect of consuming this drug. Scientists do admit that if there are any CBD related side-effect. it is probably because of the drug-to-drug interactions between any other medications and CBD Oil when taken simultaneously. Hence a professional medical advice is essential who can administer the doses of CBD Oil one should take.


Even THC produces only temporary and non lethal side-effects. Notably proliferation of heart beats , trouble with mind and body coordination, dry mouth, reddish eyes, less than normal reaction time, short term memory loss. However it does cause addiction which can lead to substance abuse. CBD Oil, contrarily counters that effect and hence is a better option. Still none of them is fatal to human life.

Minor side-effects

CBD is a safe drug but not an innocent one. Like every other thing CBD also has some possible negative sides. In the treatment of epilepsy and seizures in children suffering from Dravet syndrome, it shows some adverse effects such as convulsions, fever and diarrhoea. It also features inevitable side-effects like fatigue and change in appetite. But this is subject to law of relativity. Drawing comparison between it’s positive as well as negative effects, the ailments it cures are of much higher value.

Drug De addiction

Best part about CBD is it’s a non psychotic medicine. So even after using it over extant periods of time will not make you develop an addition. While it is a possible substitute for addition causing drugs and hence can be remedial pill for treating patients in drug DE addiction centres.

Wind up

It’s a high value drug which addresses a number of bodily issues. It is a valuable asset from the lap of nature which we should cherish dearly. Hence we can definitely conclude that CBD Oil is quite safe for consumption. There is no deadly or long term side-effects to its use. And overdosing on CBD is out of question. Understanding precautionary measures can assure quick recovery.

CBD oil

How People who use CBD stopped taking Traditional Medicines

History of weed:

Marijuana was enjoyed as a recreational source and potent medication ever since the initial years of civilization. In 800 AD, Herodotus’ ( a renowned literary historian) description about Scythians—a large Iranian nomadic tribe of Central Asia- suggests the prevalence of hashish smoking as a common practice for getting ‘High’.

an Irishman and clinician, Sir William Brooke O’Shaughnessy, during his study in India in 1830s discovered for the first time that cannabis extracts can sooth patients of cholera with stomach pain and vomiting. And then onwards it was frequently in use for stomach related ailments.

During the years of Great depression and particularly in 1931 rising public fear led to the prohibition of Marijuana and many other drugs all together. Soon after, the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 was set to effect in the U.S. which was then the first federal law to criminalize the use of marijuana even as a medication.

After facing those tumultuous times marijuana is gripping popularity again. Currently bans on medical marijuana are almost over. About 33 states of US and state of California are lifting the ban in practice earlier. Science has come ahead in opposition of defamation of marijuana. And research is offering colossal support to using CBD for regular medicinal use.

Marijuana and health:

Today anxiety, depression, insomnia are pervading our lives. The increase in number of cases with psychotic disorders is manifold then ever in the past. Also lifestyle related issues such as pains and headache are also rising in the present times. Like humans diseases are also evolving. To counter all this we are resorting to wide range of medicines every day.

For this reason scientists are working day and night to find a better cure. In decoding ancient medicinal system of herbs they came across this amazing plant. Marijuana has such wondrous qualities that it can replace almost all the regularly used pharmaceuticals.

After long run research scientists claim that weed can effectively improve our quality of life in hard modern times.

Cannabis has cancer curing agents. It is anti inflammatory, anti psychotic and anti seizure In nature. Also, It relieves pain and tension in the body hence helps loosen up a bit in the modern life’s stressful environment. It is natural and for the most part organic, which is the demand of this hour.

Initially there was much concern regarding safety of using marijuana for humans and specially with children. And also about the possibility of side-effects regarding overdose or regular usage. But now science assures there are none
The question on safety are also not valid anymore since the advent of medicinal marijuana. This is nothing new but one of the safest chemical compound present in hemp plants called CBD with least possible negative effects.

How CBD oil will replace modern medicine:

CBD is a miracle compound present in abundance in a specific variety of hemp plant. Due to a wide range of benefits it is going to take over the modern day pharmaceutical medicines very soon.

History of marijuana use present a horrid picture of hashish and weed abuse mostly for recreational purpose. While today it is more popular for it’s immense fitness benefits. The difference is largely in the components we take from marijuana. One is, THC largely responsible for giving a ‘high’ pertaining to it’s mind altering properties. Other more recent adoption is CBD which is anti psychotic chemical also present in marijuana. This is a new acknowledgement and has next to none bad effects.

The essential oils present in leaf and dried flowers is extracted using alcohol to obtain pure cannabidiol. It is of huge medicinal value because it can cure some of the rarest forms of epilepsy and cancer related problems. Researches are still underway to unleash the full potential of CBD oil. Also fitness and health marketing is doing It’s job in highlighting it’s true value.


There is a lot of buzz that CBD oil is going to replace modern day medicine in the next 10 years.

  • While we take 4 to 5 prescription drugs for curing a single ailment in allopathy. CBD on the other hand can cure health issues with small regular doses.
  • Almost all the drugs have harmful effects of overdosing. On the contrary you can never overdose upon CBD.
  •  Herbal is the new fitness mantra all around the world. While modern medicine is far away from herbal, marijuana is itself an herb. And CBD is completely natural and organic.
  • CBD is a boon to medical science with its multiplicity of curing properties. It can treat major and minor illnesses. It can even fight the harsh effects of cancer treatments like pain, nausea, dizziness etc.
  •  Regular dose of CBD can keep you in good health. It can release modern lifestyle related issues like stress and tension. CBD oil can counter the onset of major illnesses like cancer. It treats some rare diseases no cure for some of the diseases anywhere else.
  • There are significant side-effects of using allopathic medicines. Using CBD has no significant drawbacks.
  • Bagful of conventional medicines collectively can not treat recurrent seizures, inflammation, pain, psychosis or mental disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, nausea, migraines, depression, anxiety. CBD is alone sufficient to cure all in one blow.

CBD Products:

Today, there are lots and lots of options available when it comes to choosing a CBD product. Option of utilizing CBD oil, orally, by inhalation and even by external application are available on market shelves. You can find CBD oil, tinctures, refreshers, CBD topicals, candies chocolate and peanut butter carrying marijuana strains.

Health and supplements market is passionately advertising for products carrying strains from hemp plant. New developments in these lines are providing best of best CBD merchandise with each passing day. This suggest a possibility of CBD products seizing the fitness industry some day in future.


What is CBD? Cannabinoid that won’t get you ‘High’

Understanding CBD

104 is the exact number of chemical compounds that are found in a Marijuana plant. They come under the umbrella term Cannabinoid. CBD is one such cannabinoid. It is the primary component found in a specific variety of Cannabis sativa or hemp plant of Cannabinaceae family.


Marijuana is natural, multipurpose and therapeutic. It is non psychotic, thus relaxes you instead of giving you a ‘high’. It is not lethal and has almost negligible bad effects on the user. CBD has the potential to replace a wide spectrum of pharmaceuticals in the market. These unique qualities make it almost irresistible. Many of the benefits of this miracle drug have been discovered and much is yet to explore. Researches are inadequate to bring forth full utility of hemp but they do point at finding possible cure in near future.


Lifting the ban from a drug and suddenly giving it the much deserved status of an all-purpose medicine became the major contributing factor behind making CBD infused products so much more desirable to the public. These days medicinal as well as recreational use of Marijuana is permissible at some parameters in countries like Canada, Australia and almost 33 states of USA. This is helping people struggling with serious illnesses to find an alternative cure in a plant derived natural source. From centuries past in human history, people have used marijuana plant for its medical effectiveness. Now that it is legal, patients can be guilt free while seeking cure.

Medicinal value of weed

• It is helpful in reducing chronic pain and inflammation by acting upon the endocannabinoid receptor of the body. This helps in effectively dealing with multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and muscle spasms.
• CBD can also alter serotonin levels to regulate sleep, mood and social behaviour. This in turn alleviates anxiety related psychotic symptoms. Even severe depression and insomnia can be dealt effectively using this drug.
• Cannabis can also help children with Dravet syndrome, a complex childhood epilepsy disorder, counter Cancer and nausea, vomiting and pain due to it’s treatments.
• It’s anti biotic and anti inflammatory qualities prove its effectively in treating acne.

A drug that does not cause a ‘high’

A lot is remarkable about Cannabis. It has high medicinal value and provides relief in some of the hard to treat forms of illnesses. As spoken already it can help dealing with harsh medical treatments and their bitter side-effects. It is an umbrella medication for a wide range of diseases. And is highly recommended because of the lack any long or short term side-effects.

But these are not the primary reasons why CBD attained such high fame over any other form of medication. The best feature of Cannabidiol is that it doesn’t cause a ‘high’.

Other Cannabinoid Components

THC, another chemical compound found in the marijuana plant, is a psychotic component. THC is addictive and is taken for recreation and enjoyment. It has medicinal values too but because of its mind altering nature it can not be an effective treatment. Over consumption may create a false reality for the user leading one to see imaginary things and hear voices. This form of marijuana can have side-effects that can affect an individual’s ability to function properly in carrying out every day tasks. THC dominant weed is the most abused for of marijuana. Although not lethal it can lead to drug abuse and psychological disorders.

CBD on the contrary is not just non psychotic, it is also antipsychotic. It gives a stress-free pleasant feeling, not the Euphoria like ‘High’ and uninhibited state of mind. CBD relaxes and relieves tension. It improves sleep quality owing to it’s non psychotic nature.

Antipsychotic properties of CBD can cure neurological disorders like schizophrenia. It is a potential antidote for substance abuse there is scientific evidence that it is effective counterpart for morphine and heroine dependence.


General perception of confusing CBD with other cannabinoids has put it in bad light for years. At last trends are changing and developments and researches are taking place in this field. Still a lot is unknown to humans regarding the full potential of this drug. But humanity is taking leap of faith with the initiation of studies regarding Cannabis.

Hemp Oil

What are people saying about Hemp Oil?


CBD an extraction from hemp sativa plant is non psychotic in nature unlike THC which is infamous for it’s euphoria like ‘High’. Hemp oil has got more hands raised in favour than fingers pointed at it even when it is a Schedule 1 drug as per Controlled Substances Act ( CSA) norms.

CBD oil is a oleoresin with strains of hemp components, mainly, Cannabidiol (CBD), Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and some other cannabinoids. The amount of these components in hemp oil vary from label to label .


It was legal to use marijuana for 6000 years back in human history. But not after year 1933 when it was banned officially owing to lack of adequate research in this particular domain. Now new researches are coming up making the world go gaga about CBD.


Today, market is flooded with CBD infused products such as oils, creams, gels, as capsules, as a solvent in sublingual sprays, transdermal patches or vapors, flavoured tinctures etc. Even clothes made from hemp plant are available on the shelves of any other local store.


There is immense curiosity in cannabis infused products ever since latest findings approve of it as a purely natural medicine. It’s legalization in 33 states of USA and the District of Columbia is also a major contributing factor to this hype. Not just in US, medicinal use of marijuana is legal in many other countries of the world. Notably, Canada, Australia, Colombia, Germany, Norway, Greece, Italy, Peru, Chile, and also Thailand. There are other countries with restrictive legalization of CBD products.


In pop culture cannabis is is given many other names, such as, Ganja, grass, Hashish, Hemp, Indian hemp, marijuana, Pot, reefer and so on. Marijuana for medical use and also for recreational purposes are common amoung it’s users.

THC which is a mind altering psychotic drug does solve the medicinal purpose like relieving pain and anxiety but can also be responsible for addiction and other temporary side-effects. On the other hand CBD more commonly referred to as hemp has very negligible drawbacks to it. Hemp oil is purely a medicine. CBD, the main component of hemp, doesn’t induce a euphoria like state and has various beneficial properties to it. It is anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory and anti-psychotic drug derived from natures gift called hemp plant, a genus of Cannabinaceae.

Popular Reviews

• People who use pot to cure anxiety, pain and other medical issues with all natural sources are showing great  interest in CBD oil after ditching it’s conventional pharmaceutical counterparts.

• Going by the reviews of people who have tried and tested CBD in some or the other form are giving positive responses about it.

• Regular users believe taking CBD oil has shown signs of reduced depression and anxiety in them.

• Some suggest CBD can cure pain and helps with insomnia. As for one user CBD has life altering effects in just a few weeks.

• People claim it improves sleep quality hence can be a boon for patients with Parkinson disease.

• It decreases anxiety, alters mood and cures irritability for many users.

• Not just anxiety people resort to CBD oil to get over their depression.

• Some also view CBD oil as a miracle. It is beneficial for patients suffering with seizures, migraines. And it can relieve excruciating pain from treatments like chemotherapy.

• Some even say it can alleviate Cancer. Though research is underway to find if there is any truth behind this statement.

• Owing to it’s anti-inflammatory features it cures skin ailments such as acne. Hence, a good natural remedy for use in beauty products like creams and gels.

• Users of cannabis oil also highly recommend it’s use for war veterans. Weed oil is a boon in curing PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) which is a major reason for suicides in the States.

• People using CBD reviewed it as an all-purpose naturally derived medicine that can replace opiates , SSRI drugs and painkillers.

• It can work as an antidote to other drugs and can possibly be used in drug de addiction centres.

• Much is positive in the use of CBD oil. Downside to it is that excess consumption can lead to more fatigue. Also combining CBD oil with other forms of medication can increase the effect manyfolds. Which is harmful above the tolerance levels in humans as well as in animals.


There is still a lot of fuss about using hemp oil. Argument are coming from all the different directions regarding how right it is morally to use medicinal marijuana with children and adolescents. Hearing all the sides, it is clear that acceptance will come with time. Currently much research is needed for broadening the spectrum of it’s positive effects. Overall, the fact that it is not harmful and a popular choice today makes it worth the applause.

Cannabis Oil

Things You Dont Know About Cannabis Oil

CBD or cannabis oil is a well sought after non-psychoactive element found in the cannabis sativa plant and hence an all natural way of countering highly painful illnesses, such as some forms of Cancer, seizures and the likes. CBD is a popular choice among many owing to its analgesic effects and anti-inflammatory properties rank it high on the all-purpose drug list. One less acknowledged positive point is that it lowers the risk of diabetes.

Pot and Children sound like the worst association ever made. But latest researches in CBD have suggested radical evidence of the therapeutic properties it possesses. And parents nowadays are more inclined to cannabis in helping their children with some of the deadly diseases.


There is a mental stigma associated with CBD which is completely a different form of an opioid. The myths can be busted once we get to the bottom line of difference.

Difference between CBD and THC

In recent years, with the legalization and recognition of various harmless forms of marijuana, consumers are showing heightened curiosity concerning the array of options available for them in the market. This covers two similar yet distinct naturally occurring compounds found in the species of plants of the same genus; cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the later is more popular of the two.

Difference in extraction

Extraction of CBD is directly from the hemp plant which is like a twice removed brother of marijuana. Local vendors may sell CBD as gels, gummies or oils, in form of supplements and also as extracts from the plant directly. We simply obtain THC from the plant itself so it relatively is a raw form of marijuana. It’s consumption usually happens by smoking a pot. It is sold in the form of oils, edibles, and tinctures. Available as capsules in the open market since legalization.

Different effects

Having the same chemical structures ie 21 carbon atoms bind with 30 hydrogen and 2 oxygen atoms, the primary difference lies in their effects on the user. Having said earlier, CBD, need not mention, is a substance which is non-psychotic. It is purely medicinal and does not yield a “high” or sense of euphoria which is the inevitable case with THC.


It was an epic decision by U.S. Food and Drug Administration to issue a red flag to the use of Epidiolex, recently in June of the year 2018 making it the first ever prescription medicine which contains cannabis oil as the primary component.

There is a long list of illnesses with which CBD can effectively help. To start with, CBD is potent to treat epilepsy. Reports suggest that it is effective with the most uncommon and hard-to-control forms of the aforesaid disease.

Cannabis is an all-purpose naturally occurring medication covering a wide spectrum of conditions that are otherwise treated with a bag full of conventional medicines. Diseases like seizures, inflammation, pain, psychosis or mental disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, nausea, migraines, depression, anxiety can be effectively countered with the use of medicinal marijuana.

There is less than adequate data on many other forms of conditions which could be tackled by using CBD. Researches in this field are already underway and there is hope of finding more ways of curing diseases with marijuana.

Like CBD, THC is evident to help with pain, muscle spasticity, glaucoma, insomnia, low appetite, nausea, and anxiety. It is in use from locally from hundreds of years prior to the initiation of any medical research about it.


CBD doesn’t feature any of the side-effects associated with THC. Our body is well tolerant of Cannabinoid even in large quantities. Researches suggest that if there is any side effect of CBD, it is likely to occur from drug-to-drug interactions, which takes place when any other medication is simultaneously paired with CBD medicines. Hence medical professionals are essential to administer the right dose of CBD as per individual needs.

THC, on the other hand, causes side effects that are temporary. Notable ill effects linked to its consumption causes increased heart rate and symptoms like a problem with coordination, dryness of mouth, redness of eyes, slower reaction time, short-term memory loss. The compound’s very own psychoactive properties are the chief elements leading to all the aforementioned negative effects. Addiction is at the top of the list.

None of the compounds is fatal to human life. However, abuse of THC may have direct linkage with long-term negative mind-altering effects of substance abuse, especially in adolescents. While CBD does the contrary, use of THC certainly paves a pathway for drug-induced psychiatric disorders, namely Bipolar and schizophrenia.


As per the guidelines of Food and Drug Administration DSHEA, it is a strict violation of the law if a company makes any medical claims regarding the effectiveness of some of their product specifically CBD in curing any kind of illness. Hence there lies a flux between what to buy and what not to when it comes to CBD oil. It is the matter of prudent choices on the part of the customer to ensure the quality and standard of CBD products.

Best is to go with the CO2 extraction process. As it makes use of complex machinery and advanced levels of skill and expertise. The cheaper CBD products are easy to obtain by simple chemical extraction methods. This, on the other hand, can leave toxic residual substances such as ethanol, butane, propane etc.

Always look for CBD oil extracted from organically grown hemp seeds in the States. A quality product possesses a higher concentration of pure CBD oil. There are numerous companies that sell cannabis oil on lower prices because of a cheaper concentration of CBD in the product. These companies trick their customers by providing less for every penny spent.

Making the right choice is not that hard to ask for a tested and approved product by third-party labs in the USA. Make sure the company adheres to the rules/laws and by-laws demarcated by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

The bottom line is, it is a boon in medical history, once we do away with the stigma. One can not negate the therapeutic as well as the ill effects of weed. But all we can do is embrace both as two sides of the same coin. Also drawing lines between medical cannabis and hash. This only can grant recognition to cannabis as an all-purpose cure.