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CBD Oil and Hemp Oil

Owing to the amazing qualities in exposition weed is gaining many favours lately. Government houses agree to the fact that weed is an important part of medicinal science and hence it is legal now almost everywhere. Two main varieties are of weed are C. sativa and C. indica. are specially grown for purpose of using them in various health products.

Facts about weed

Religious significance: In Hinduism weed has association with lord Shiva worship and elixir. It is also called the blessed food and consumed during festivals like Shivratri and Holi. This plant is quite famous among devotees of Shiva and is used In all the religious events for the sole purpose of worship.

Significance of usability:

There are wide variety of products that employ some or the other part of marijuana plant. With conservationist outlook people often associate it with smoking a pot only. Contrary to public views It’s usage is quite wide. It’s in use as a pain reliever medication from as early as 1200 BC. Apart from its use in ointments and drugs for curing disease it has anti acne properties as well. This makes it a necessity for beauty products. It is hard to believe by many but you can wear marijuana and even build houses from it. Cannabis is diversely usable natural treasure, having a strong fibre structure textile industry use it’s stem for manufacturing ropes and clothes.

Significance for medicinal usage:

as a medication CBD has unmatchable effects on humans as well as animaIs. It can Combat Anxiety, Fight Cancer, Reduce the Risk of Diabetes, has analgesic or pain relieving and Anti-Seizure properties. There is quite a long list of health related ailments which are preventable by using CBD oil. But there are far out adverse effects of mixing allopathic treatment with CBD products. For this reason it is always wise to use CBD under professional support and supervision. In fact CBD is popular for treating some of the rare and hard to treat sort of diseases for example dravet syndrome.

Significance as antipsychotic drug:

Studies suggest that CBD can effectively treat heroine or alcohol addiction and their potential relapse. This is evident by the way of how CBD impacts our endocannabinoid system (ECS), for having anti psychotic properties. It can also treat patients with mental health issues. It is effective cure for treating schizophrenia and even bi-polar disorder. Also, it is a mood booster drug and hence is safe and natural remedy for treating depression.

Significance in everyday life :

It is famous for its relaxing properties this is the main reason why it’s the need of the hour. In modern times, we have to deal with a lot of stress. We are always in a rush. This stress accumulates and develops into depression and anxiety. Just be drinking CBD tea or coffee every day you can start your day with a very light mood. And also there are no negative sides to its regular use. It can significantly improve the quality of sleep. These reasons make it important for our daily life.

CBD: safe or not

To answer this question better we should critically judge the component of our focus.

Non psychotic

It shows no sedation related traits as shown by it’s counterpart called THC. While both components have medical benefits THC is primarily in use for recreation. CBD calms you down while THC makes you feel ‘high’. People often confuse between the two chemical components of the same plant, which is why it was put in a bad light for years. So the people who avoid using CBD solely based on their previous knowledge about marijuana should search better reasons.
Cannabis strains with relatively high CBD:THC ratios are less likely to induce anxiety than vice versa. So choosing a CBD product should be a matter of serious business. One should always make a thorough investigation before starting with CBD oils and other such products.


Our bodies are able to tolerate Cannabinoids specifically CBD even in much larger quantities. Researches deny the possibility of any severe negative effect of consuming this drug. Scientists do admit that if there are any CBD related side-effect. it is probably because of the drug-to-drug interactions between any other medications and CBD Oil when taken simultaneously. Hence a professional medical advice is essential who can administer the doses of CBD Oil one should take.


Even THC produces only temporary and non lethal side-effects. Notably proliferation of heart beats , trouble with mind and body coordination, dry mouth, reddish eyes, less than normal reaction time, short term memory loss. However it does cause addiction which can lead to substance abuse. CBD Oil, contrarily counters that effect and hence is a better option. Still none of them is fatal to human life.

Minor side-effects

CBD is a safe drug but not an innocent one. Like every other thing CBD also has some possible negative sides. In the treatment of epilepsy and seizures in children suffering from Dravet syndrome, it shows some adverse effects such as convulsions, fever and diarrhoea. It also features inevitable side-effects like fatigue and change in appetite. But this is subject to law of relativity. Drawing comparison between it’s positive as well as negative effects, the ailments it cures are of much higher value.

Drug De addiction

Best part about CBD is it’s a non psychotic medicine. So even after using it over extant periods of time will not make you develop an addition. While it is a possible substitute for addition causing drugs and hence can be remedial pill for treating patients in drug DE addiction centres.

Wind up

It’s a high value drug which addresses a number of bodily issues. It is a valuable asset from the lap of nature which we should cherish dearly. Hence we can definitely conclude that CBD Oil is quite safe for consumption. There is no deadly or long term side-effects to its use. And overdosing on CBD is out of question. Understanding precautionary measures can assure quick recovery.

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