How People who use CBD stopped taking Traditional Medicines

CBD oil

History of weed:

Marijuana was enjoyed as a recreational source and potent medication ever since the initial years of civilization. In 800 AD, Herodotus’ ( a renowned literary historian) description about Scythians—a large Iranian nomadic tribe of Central Asia- suggests the prevalence of hashish smoking as a common practice for getting ‘High’.

an Irishman and clinician, Sir William Brooke O’Shaughnessy, during his study in India in 1830s discovered for the first time that cannabis extracts can sooth patients of cholera with stomach pain and vomiting. And then onwards it was frequently in use for stomach related ailments.

During the years of Great depression and particularly in 1931 rising public fear led to the prohibition of Marijuana and many other drugs all together. Soon after, the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 was set to effect in the U.S. which was then the first federal law to criminalize the use of marijuana even as a medication.

After facing those tumultuous times marijuana is gripping popularity again. Currently bans on medical marijuana are almost over. About 33 states of US and state of California are lifting the ban in practice earlier. Science has come ahead in opposition of defamation of marijuana. And research is offering colossal support to using CBD for regular medicinal use.

Marijuana and health:

Today anxiety, depression, insomnia are pervading our lives. The increase in number of cases with psychotic disorders is manifold then ever in the past. Also lifestyle related issues such as pains and headache are also rising in the present times. Like humans diseases are also evolving. To counter all this we are resorting to wide range of medicines every day.

For this reason scientists are working day and night to find a better cure. In decoding ancient medicinal system of herbs they came across this amazing plant. Marijuana has such wondrous qualities that it can replace almost all the regularly used pharmaceuticals.

After long run research scientists claim that weed can effectively improve our quality of life in hard modern times.

Cannabis has cancer curing agents. It is anti inflammatory, anti psychotic and anti seizure In nature. Also, It relieves pain and tension in the body hence helps loosen up a bit in the modern life’s stressful environment. It is natural and for the most part organic, which is the demand of this hour.

Initially there was much concern regarding safety of using marijuana for humans and specially with children. And also about the possibility of side-effects regarding overdose or regular usage. But now science assures there are none
The question on safety are also not valid anymore since the advent of medicinal marijuana. This is nothing new but one of the safest chemical compound present in hemp plants called CBD with least possible negative effects.

How CBD oil will replace modern medicine:

CBD is a miracle compound present in abundance in a specific variety of hemp plant. Due to a wide range of benefits it is going to take over the modern day pharmaceutical medicines very soon.

History of marijuana use present a horrid picture of hashish and weed abuse mostly for recreational purpose. While today it is more popular for it’s immense fitness benefits. The difference is largely in the components we take from marijuana. One is, THC largely responsible for giving a ‘high’ pertaining to it’s mind altering properties. Other more recent adoption is CBD which is anti psychotic chemical also present in marijuana. This is a new acknowledgement and has next to none bad effects.

The essential oils present in leaf and dried flowers is extracted using alcohol to obtain pure cannabidiol. It is of huge medicinal value because it can cure some of the rarest forms of epilepsy and cancer related problems. Researches are still underway to unleash the full potential of CBD oil. Also fitness and health marketing is doing It’s job in highlighting it’s true value.


There is a lot of buzz that CBD oil is going to replace modern day medicine in the next 10 years.

  • While we take 4 to 5 prescription drugs for curing a single ailment in allopathy. CBD on the other hand can cure health issues with small regular doses.
  • Almost all the drugs have harmful effects of overdosing. On the contrary you can never overdose upon CBD.
  •  Herbal is the new fitness mantra all around the world. While modern medicine is far away from herbal, marijuana is itself an herb. And CBD is completely natural and organic.
  • CBD is a boon to medical science with its multiplicity of curing properties. It can treat major and minor illnesses. It can even fight the harsh effects of cancer treatments like pain, nausea, dizziness etc.
  •  Regular dose of CBD can keep you in good health. It can release modern lifestyle related issues like stress and tension. CBD oil can counter the onset of major illnesses like cancer. It treats some rare diseases no cure for some of the diseases anywhere else.
  • There are significant side-effects of using allopathic medicines. Using CBD has no significant drawbacks.
  • Bagful of conventional medicines collectively can not treat recurrent seizures, inflammation, pain, psychosis or mental disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, nausea, migraines, depression, anxiety. CBD is alone sufficient to cure all in one blow.

CBD Products:

Today, there are lots and lots of options available when it comes to choosing a CBD product. Option of utilizing CBD oil, orally, by inhalation and even by external application are available on market shelves. You can find CBD oil, tinctures, refreshers, CBD topicals, candies chocolate and peanut butter carrying marijuana strains.

Health and supplements market is passionately advertising for products carrying strains from hemp plant. New developments in these lines are providing best of best CBD merchandise with each passing day. This suggest a possibility of CBD products seizing the fitness industry some day in future.

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